Videos, Pictures, and Games

Glaciers, Climate, and Society Video Playlist

University of Oregon Glacier Research Video Playlist. This playlist contains YouTube videos that can be used as education resources for grades K-12.

Ice Flows

Developed by Anne Le Brocq at the University of Exeter, this interactive game tasks the user with helping penguins as they control aspects of the environment including the climate, ocean, and ice sheets.

University of Kentucky Interactive Glacier Activity

Allows users to examine the effects of precipitation and temperature on glaciers in an interactive module. Provides information about glacier types, anatomy, movement, erosion, and more.

Swiss Education: Glaciers Online

This website contains a database of incredible photos for any glacier education topic including: glacier hazards, ice and water, shaping the landscape, and benefits of glaciers.

“Glacial Balance” teaser from Ethan Steinman

Glacial Balance is a country-by-country journey along the spine of the Andes, providing a narrative of climate change impacts on communities, farmers of crops like coffee, quinoa, beans & potatoes, and exporters of off-season fruit and wine. The films also includes interviiews wih an array of scientists studying these glaciers while they still exist. The filmmaker communicates difficult scientific concepts in understandable language. The asking price of 2-DVD sets for University use is $300, $100 for K-12 schools and is working on a sliding scale. The film is also available to license for non-profit & for-profit screenings, and the filmmaker is available to travel to colleges to present the film and talk with students. You can email him at

NSIDC Photo Gallery

The National Snow and Ice Data Center’s website includes a great photo gallery with images from the 1880’s to present day.