Glacier Hazards Bibliography

Glacier hazards affect societies worldwide, from Iceland and Switzerland to Peru, Nepal, Canada, and the United States. Most of the research on these hazards, including work on glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs), comes from the natural sciences. But increasingly there is research in the social sciences and humanities as well. And often there are many excellent news stories on the human aspects of glacier hazards on the website, GlacierHub.

The Glacier Hazards Bibliography provided here offers a list of references focusing on these societal aspects of glacier hazards. The bibliography was first assembled in 2007-2008, when very few researchers investigated the human aspects of glacier hazards. Most research instead consisted of technical and scientific studies. Today, more than a decade after the bibliography began, the research on the human dimensions of glacier hazards is too vast to even keep up with.

Thus, this is an incomplete and somewhat dated list of references, but it is nonetheless a good starting point if you are interested in the human side of glacier hazards in the world’s mountain ranges.

See the full bibliography here, or search it by category below.

The bibliography covers the following mountain ranges:
North America
…along with a few Others

It lists sources that could be classified thematically in these areas:
Physical Sciences
Engineering and Mitigation
Social Impacts and Perceptions
Policy and Responses

Lake Palcacocha, Peru – Photo by Mark Carey.

Lake Palcacocha, Peru – Photo by Mark Carey.