Grades 9-12

Education Resources

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Debating Glacial Theory: Historical Simulation

Created by Keith Montgomery of the University of Wisconsin, this website provides an interactive lesson on how naturalists understood landscapes in Northern Europe early in the 1800s, and how this understanding was challenged in 1840 with the new idea of continential glaciation.

Climate Change and Water Information - is a great resource for finding information about everything from climate change to water. The site also includes teaching resources and the latest news articles about geology and related fields.

Glaciers and Glaciation Practice Exam

This 24-question quiz gives instant feedback on why an answer is right or wrong. Great tool for learning as well as for evaluation.

Michael E. Ritter's "The Physical Environment"

This online textbook is a great resource for educators looking for review questions and quiz questionsChaper nineteen focuses on glacial systems including landforms of continental and alpine glaciation. Professor Ritter’s personal website contains podcasts and links to webprojects relating to the physical environment.

National Association of Geoscience Teachers (9-12)

Contains a number of teaching activities to be run for students in a number of grades. Including, “Modeling Glacier Dynamics with Flubber” and a “Pressure Melting of Ice: Demonstration.”

National Park Service Interactive Glacier Lesson

Provides great educational material on glaciers along with a background essay and discussion questions. The site also links to an interactive tool that visually displays the impact glacial melting could have on the United States’ coast lines.

National Snow and Ice Data Center

The National Snow and Ice Data Center’s website on glaciers is a great starting point for any middle- and high-school research project on glaciers. The site includes publications, data & imagery, quick facts, and much more.

Glacier Videos, Lessons, and More - NeoK12

This website provides educational videos, lessons, and activities for K-12 educators.

NOVA Glacier Hazards from Space

Provides an interactive, in-depth lesson on monitoring glacier hazards from space. Allows for hands-on learning and offers a global context.

Teaching and Learning Center: K-12

The Teaching and Learning Center website contains a thorough database of education resources on topics including, earth and environmental sciencegeologyoceans and oceanographyrainforests and general science. The oceans and oceanography has a section devoted to climate change and the ocean.

U.S. Geological Survey Education Resources

The USGS website contains an education section with resources divided by grade lavel. Highlights in the K-6 section include links to “Earthshots Satellite Images of Enviornmental Change,” activities and a teaching guide related to global change (grades 4-6), and “Common Questions and Myths about Glaciers.”

PBS Learning Media -- Glaciers

Glacier acivities, lessons, and discussion questions for grades 6-12.

Greenland 2019 – Photo by Mark Carey.