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Undergraduate Research


"I didn't say the research was going to be glamorous!" (Pictured: an archive in Peru.  Archives like this one often lack adequate funds and personnel to maintain and organize them for research access.)

Undergraduate students play important roles in the research Professor Carey conducts, and they gain valuable research skills and experiences during the process. 

Thanks in part to grants from the National Science Foundation, Carey has been able to involve students in many aspects of the research over the years—from field work in Peru, to library and web research, to website design for disseminating research results.

Carey also plans to offer an upper-division Honors College course during spring term 2012 that will give undergraduate students the opportunity to present their research at a one-day Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples Conference on the University of Oregon campus.

Mark Carey and Kathy Lynn, director of the Tribal Climate Change Project and researcher in Environmental Studies, have secured a major Williams Council grant to teach new courses on climate and culture and host another student-focused conference in 2014. For more information, see the Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples Initiative website.

For more information and blog posts on the July 2013 student research activities with Mark Carey and his collaborating members of TARN, see their blog entries.

The following students have worked as research assistants on various projects:

University of Oregon    
Ben DeJarnette Vanessa Fiedler Alexa Kanbergs Jaclyn Rushing
Kerry Snodgrass Kelsey Ward    
Washington and Lee University    
Elissa Hanson Mariya Miteva Elliott O'Brien Darinka Truebutschek

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